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Our Aim

We are a growing project with a goal of creating a safe haven for spiritual restoration, physical wellbeing and cultural enrichment. We seek to use the unique energy flowing through this location, and the beauty of surrounding nature, to the greatest benefit for our dear guests.

  • Continuous renovation and cultural enrichment: art, music, sculpture, cuisine will congregate at Alarga over the coming years to inspire and educate.
  • Our project plan includes over 100 ecological detached villas and a park.
  • Concrete marinette is due to be modernised and become a major hub for sailers.
Alarga Bay View Contrast
Pet and Family Friendly

We aim that parents may relax knowing that their children are enjoying a wealth of safe and fun activities! Our area size and location allow for a joyous stay for pets. (Loud pets may be denied entry to boutique hotel at our discretion.)


Guests of limited mobility will find that our Studio rooms and most facilities are ground-floor and easily accessible, and both sea and pool entrance areas feature gradual entry slopes. Palliative and oseopathic assistance may be arranged.


We regularly host Plain-Air painting groups and art-therapy events, and take pride in our art gallery and support for artists local and international. Our guests will also find the tools and guidance to explore their creative side.

Remote Privacy

Celebrities in particular prefer to stay away from curious eyes and busy beaches in a tranquil and private retreat environment here. Moreover, some secluded wild beaches nearby may be easily reached by a boat or jet-ski.

Nearby locations to visit
  • Turgut Selalesi waterfalls: just 15 minutes drive to gorgeous mountain river 
  • Selimiye Village: 20 minutes drive along a road with breathtaking sea views. Best village in the region.
  • Bayir Platan: a magnificent ~2000 year old tree is a monument of nature's longevity with healing energies.
  • Sogut Village: the most potent place of power in Europe. 25min drive along a uniquely beautiful mountain road.

  • Ciftlik Mountains: right outside your door. Not too difficult to climb - and the views will inspire for a lifetime.

  • Nearby Beaches: the "lost church" wild bay next to Ciftlik is popular with sea tours for good reason.
Ciftlic Bay Mountains