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Marmaris - Knidos - Marmaris

Route: Marmaris - Çiftlik Bay - Bozukkale - Koca Island - Bencik - Kargı - Datça - Knidos - Kızıl Island - Bozburun - Kadırga - Kumlubük - Marmaris.

Marmaris is the city where Herodotus said "This place has the most beautiful skies in the world" about.  Marmaris is based on pine forests in South Aegean and a very important tourism city as well as being one of the region's most important yachting center. Its marina is at yachtsmen’s service for 12 months. A wonderful combination of nature and the fun is experiencing here. Marmaris has a natural harbour  that is very eligible for yachts and also in the workshops of “Yalancı Boğaz”  yacht manufacturing and repair is done, as well. Mediterranean climate is creating the opportunity for swimming even in winter. Around the bays of Marmaris it’s still possible to see virgin bays.  

Çiftlik Bay
Çiftlik Bay is one of the most beautiful bays of the region where is a much frequented place and also our resort is located in. Çiftlik Bay’s coarse sand beach is so popular. There are not many beaches like this in Marmaris and the surrounding coves. The crystal clear sea is always sparkling. There is a small island at the entrance of the bay. However the island is private property and cannot be accessed without permission. There are ancient ruins in the sandy beach in Gerbekilise Bay just next to Çiftlik.  So this place is one of the most popular locations for the blue voyage yachts.


You are now in Datça Peninsula. In the bosom of the Peninsula lie all the beauties having the gulfs of Hisarönü in one hand and Gökova in the other. Tavşan (Rabbit) Cove, where the Robinson Club Maris is based, opposite Tavşan Island, is the most beautiful port of the region, with Bencik coming right after it along the coast. Bencik is a location much loved by the Blue Cruise boats or yachts, with its small coves that make them feel very special. Even though there is a state-owned camping area on the shore, there has been no construction allowed to disturb you. Those who go as far as the port and go ashore can walk along paths that will lead them to the shores of Gökova. You should choose the cooler morning or evening hours for the stroll. Those who take the trip in the evening can catch the incomparable colours of the sunsets in Gökova.

Knidos is an ancient site on the tip of the Datca peninsula. From the peak of the site, you look out on bays leading to both the mediterranean and aegean seas. In terms of excavation, much has been done, and much remains. The museum is basically non-existent. A new restaurant concession has opened, but better food is available 15 minutes drive away. Knidos is an ancient city constructed on the side of a steep hill and a small exertion wil lead to wonderful views. Few guards around, but don't think of taking anything - you will not succeed. From the top of the hill, you can look down into the southern bay and see ruins underwater as well. Boats come into this bay for swimming and to see the site, and a dock is available. the drive to Knidos is an exciting one as well, as old buildings (not as old as the site, but pretty old) dot the landscape on the wide one-lane road. This is an exciting afternoon adventure. Its pretty hot in the midday sun, so take care to do this one first thing or in late afternoon.

Knidos played many roles in ancient times, and was a site of the Aphrodite cult for many years.

Mostly yachters know Bozburun. Bozburun is one of the most secluded places of the region from the view of tourism. This place recommended for people who are after a peaceful, relaxing vacation. There are not any large tourist facilities, they are small but good. Bozburun is in one of the bays of the Sömbeki Bay. The environment can be considered as quite naked compared to other regions of Marmaris. There are small motels, pensions and good fish restaurants in the village. It is said that this is where the best schooners are made.

Bodrum - Hisarönü - Marmaris

Route: Bodrum - Knidos - Palamutbükü – Bozburun – Bozukkale - Serçe Bay - Ekincik - Cennet Adası – Marmaris.

Lovely beach on Datca peninsula. This beach has large stones, but extremely clear water. Taverns/bistros line the road on the other side, with tables, chaise lounges and umbrellas set up for their patrons, as well as facilities. At the end of the beach is a small marina for boats. The bay is quite lovely - you can swim out in the clear water and watch the greek ferries go by (quite a long distance away). From the shore you will see several Greek islands on a clear day. The beach has convenience stores, and a lovely fruit and vegetable seller. Beach equipment is available. Several pension style hotels are in this area, so rooms are available for those who want. Generally, a lovely unspoiled beach. The water is clean, clean, clean..

Bozukkale ( Loryma )
Bozukkale pier is one of the important stopping points of blue cruise ships and yatchs with its position that provides protection from the wind.The bay had strategic importance in history as well because of this position.The fleet of Athens had stayed here in BC 1412, and recovered here again before the Knidos naval war in BC 395. There are restaurants serving blue cruise ships and yachts at the cove.Ruins of the Loryma Archaic city established in BC 7th century are spread across a wide area including the cove.The 120 meter long, 10 meter wide harbor fort in rather good condition is the most important ruin that reached our day from the city that was deseted completely after the Arab invasion in the seventh century.
Three churches and many houses were built in Loryma using the archaic time material which was used as a naval base and armony during Byzantine times.The houses are on terraces on the slope which are built with care.In the grassy plain to the west of the city there is the holy place of “Artemis Soteria.”The necropolis on the west reaching south is adjacent to the temple.In the grassy plain to the south of the necropolisis the holy area of Apollo. Moreover, it is known from the inscriptions that there is an altar dedicated to the Rhodes God, Zeus Atabyrios.

Cennet Adası (Paradise İsland)
Paradise Island to the south of Marmaris, linked to the mainland by a causeway, was known as Nimera in ancient times and the remains of a monastery can still be seen. The island offers scenic beauty, fine beaches and views across the bay to Marmaris itself and its phosphorescent rocks in the caves reflect the blue of the sea, giving it its alternative name, Blue Cave.On the south of the island lies Aquarium Bay, a lunch stop for many of the boat trips and much loved by photographers for the unspoiled natural beauty and the unbelievable range of blues in the sea.